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(2018/ HD Video/ 4 min)
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Hayama recounts a strangely intimate encounter with an emu against the tremulous backdrop of projected and re-photographed film footage showing the aforementioned bird behind bars at the zoo. As Hayama filmed the emu, she noticed a tear dropping from the corner of its eye and was inspired to make this film. Even if this teardrop represented nothing more than a physiological function designed to remove dust from the emu’s eye, it somehow fascinates the human mind.
Rei Hayama is a Japanese artist who works mainly with moving image, and one of the founding members of the Tokyo film collective, [+]. Aftermany thoughtful experiences amongst wildlife in the unique environment of her youth, she studied at the Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts, Tama Art University and has been making films since 2008. Hayama’s films revolve around nature and all other living things that have been lost or neglected from an anthropocentric point of view. Through abstract film and video works with sound, poetic writings and symbolic imageries, Hayama gently seeks the harmonious connection between nature and human beings, bringing forward the invisible layers of our natural reality into the human imagination. Her works have exhibited and screened internationally, at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, New York’s Museum of the Moving Image, Bergen Kunsthall, Tromsø International Film Festival, and Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, amongst others.